Today being a Tech Tuesday, it seemed fitting to talk a bit about something, well, techy – like databases. Today’s post and image is re-posted from

Every businessman knows that sales is the lifeblood of their operations. They need to be moving product from their hands into the hands of their customers if they want to stay in business. Most of them will also understand an oft-overlooked aspect of the sales game: it is easier to sell to someone familiar than it is to someone who is a stranger. However, the bigger the organization, the harder it is for any one member of it to really “get to know” any individual customer. This can be problematic, but there are easy solutions. The use of a customer database can alleviate some of the concerns.

Customer data can encompass a number of types of information. The customer’s identity is obvious, along with the other details a business needs to know to complete transactions. These include billing addresses, shipping addresses and contact information in case the customer needs to be informed of anything. However, a more comprehensive database also makes room for other details about the customer that may not nearly fall into any one category. For example, some customers may buy electronics frequently, but always prefer that they be in a specific color at all times. Another customer might make purchases only during periods when the price of an item drops because a better model is set to release in a few months.

Why gather the seemingly pointless data? It allows for a smoother, more consistent customer experience. With a detailed database, any given employee in the company will be aware of the “quirks” of any given customer. This means that the customer doesn’t need to repeat that information with each time she contacts the business, saving them time and giving the impression of efficiency and more “personalized” service. Another benefit for the sales team is that gives them insight into the sorts of products that these customers are likely to be interested in, along with relevant accessories. This also reinforces the impression of the service being personalized for the customer’s benefit.

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