A week or so ago I noticed my office desk was sagging…and there wasn’t even hardly anything on it… Ah, the wonders of particle-board, I thought. I sighed. Then I smiled – time for a new desk! (Perhaps a real wood one this time.)

I spent some time looking and finally found a desk I liked. I walked around looking for the sales person who had been helping me…after finding him and telling him I was ready to make a purchase, he armed himself with a pad of paper and a pen (Hmm, I thought), followed me to the desk I wanted to buy, and wrote down the model number of the desk (Here’s crossing my fingers that he wrote it down right…).

He then left me sitting at a table in their showroom while he went off to … well, I wasn’t sure. He came back a few minutes later with an order form and a solar powered calculator (Wow, I thought. Ancient). He then transferred (by hand) the model number of the desk I wanted from the pad of paper to the order form, and he punched the calculator a few times to add up the total and work in the tax and delivery fee (Hopefully he did the math right, I thought, as I pulled out my smartphone and punched numbers myself to check his work).

If I’d waited much longer…

He then left me for a second time, taking my drivers license and credit card away with him to put in the order (Eeek, I thought…I hope my cards are safe). I waited…and waited…and waited. Finally, he returned and said my order had been placed and that I would be called to the customer service desk in 10-15 minutes to pick up my paperwork and my credit card. He handed me back my drivers license, shook my hand, thanked me for my business, said he’d see me before I departed the store, and then he left me sitting at the table. I surfed on my smartphone while I waited (seemed like for-eh-ver). Finally my order was ready – I picked up my receipt, credit card, and – without seeing the sales person anywhere around, like he said he would be – left the store.

The experience wasn’t terrible, but it could have been better. What if the store had a mobile point-of-sale device for each of their sales people? Beep! – he could have scanned the barcode of the desk I wanted and bam, totals and delivery fees and tax would have been added in automatically based on my shipping address. Tap, tap! – he could have added in any warranties I wished to purchase. Swipe! – he could have run my drivers license and credit card through the scanner attached to the device, and the cards would never have left my sight (he wouldn’t have either, for that matter). Swoosh – receipts could have printed right there on the spot and I could have shook his hand once more before leaving the store. Hmm…the experience would have been much smoother – for him and me – and he could have gotten on to the next customer faster and have left me more satisfied with my experience.

Iconic may not be the best Christmas gift for that aunt who always buys you those crazy-colored itchy-scratchy knit sweaters, but it could be exactly what you – or the business next door – is looking for this holiday season. Drop us a line to learn more about how to improve your customers’ shopping experience this Christmas by integrating a mobile point of sale into your store!




Photo credit: L’Orso Sul Monociclo / Foter / CC BY