People who use the internet — that would be anybody reading this — should have resolved at the New Year:

I will use the internet securely in 2013.

Because internet security is fundamental to PCI Compliance, all of the customers of the Iconic Mobile Retail System need to care about this.  We will follow this blog up with a series of Tech Tuesday posts dedicated to Internet Security.

Trojan HorseWe don’t intend to re-hash here everything written on the subject.  There are many interesting and informative articles about internet security online.  Internet Security for Dummies is a good starting point.  It introduces some of the “zoo” of creatures that pose threats including Trojans, Worms, and Rootkits.  Another useful resource is Dell’s Networking for Dummies e-book – especially chapter 5.

Modern software security uses a risk-based approach to decide both what is worth defending and how much effort to expend defending it.  We have known that a disconnected computer is a secure computer.  It is also an increasingly useless computer.  The growth of internet “cloud”-based solutions accelerates the trend toward connecting systems increasing the risks associated with the use of computers in business environments.

It is most important here to raise awareness of:

  1. the risks involved in using the internet
  2. how to use the internet safely and securely
  3. how Iconic Mobile Retail should be configured for security and PCI Compliance

These will be covered in the next 3 Tech Tuesday posts.





Photo source: Wikimedia