Unearthing the truth about mobile point of sale solutions: by Dale Fowler

This article was originally published in Retailspeak Magazine. Below are excerpts from the original article.

Since their debut in the 90s, mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions have been an often-overlooked solution to the problems faced by the retail industry; essentially owing to the complication and expense of integrating them with existing processes. However, as costs tumble and integration hurdles decline—thanks largely to the growing availability of commercial POS software—many retailers are taking a closer look at this powerful option. And as interest grows in this area, more opportunities arise for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) to capture market share that was previously dominated by their larger counterparts.

Mobile POS is an enterprise solution
The truth is that some cutting-edge technology comes with a price tag that only enterprise corporations can afford, but mobile handheld devices have been around for a decade. While devices continue to improve, prices continue to fall, ensuring that handheld hardware costs the same, or less, than traditional register lane stations.

Mobile POS technology is not secure
Wireless communication has frequently been touted as insecure. But the fact is software manufacturers have a responsibility to create software of the highest security standards for credit card transactions and private customer data. Whether wireless or connected, customer information and transactions are secure.

Mobile POS will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction
Many retailers have busy periods where an extra register could make the difference between happy and frustrated customers. This is especially apparent during busy holidays and the returns season that follows. Employees using handheld devices can approach queuing customers to help speed them on their way.

Mobility will save space
Particularly helpful for stores lacking floor space, a mobile handheld can act as a floating register, inventory scanner, gift registry, and ordering tool; all the while sitting comfortably on your belt. Furthermore, you can easily store it away when not in use.

Mobility will save time
The ability to bring the computer to the merchandise is a huge time-saver, and, with barcode scanners built into the handhelds, keeping track of inventory manually becomes a thing of the past. Floor staff benefit from reduced foot traffic and instant inventory database updates.

Mobility is versatile
Almost every retailer will benefit from the versatile nature of mobile technology. These platforms can be deployed across the board for large and small retailers offering outdoor promotions, delivery services, or traveling sales, or even at trade shows.

Mobile POS technology is affordable
Most people carry a mobile phone, and many also carry a personal digital assistant (PDA), demonstrating the affordability of the hardware involved. Software costs can vary depending on requirements but are well within reach of even small operations. The biggest advantage is the strong return on investment. With cost savings on card fees, as well as improved efficiency throughout the workplace, it’s possible for a customer to make their mobile investment back in as little as a month.

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