Your humble narrator … well … your narrator recently attended a S.C.O.R.E. (Service Corps of Retired Executives) conference on marketing.  On the top of the agenda – permeating the agenda – was social media.

Now.  We were supposed to learn how to use the “power of the internet” to try to get people to want to buy our products without looking like we were trying to get people to buy our products.

We are supposed to do this by being (or becoming) engaging and interesting.  Cool.  Hip.  With it.  Because, we were told, if we are those things then we will attract attention seemingly without effort.  Because everybody likes stuff that is cool, hip and with it.

But…what if your business is inherently – intrinsically – uncool?

I mean, technology is cool.  iWhatevers are cool.  ‘droid whatevers are cool.  Flash memory is cool.  MP3 players are cool.  Wireless is cool.  Nanobots are cool.  Spaceships are cool.


Image courtesy of Victor Habbick

Robots.  Robots are cool.

So … what about E.R.P. (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems?

Oooooh!  Hold me back!  Sex-y!

Well, maybe if we changed the name to E-R-P-O or (e)R2P2 or something robotic sounding – that would be cool.  Or at least cooler than “Enterprise Resource Planning” system.

Most people – almost everyone – wonders why somebody like myself – the second most interesting man in the world – would trouble himself with such a mundane application.

That’s a very good question.

There are few things in life that are cooler than helping people.   Implementing and customizing an integrated business management software solution helps people.  Used properly, it helps the business compete more efficiently.  It helps the owner of a business make the business more profitable.  A more profitable business employs the employees (hence the name “employee”).  It helps the buiness better serve the customers of the business.  If the business succeeds then the vendors and suppliers of the business can continue to compete for their custom.

Helping somebody has effects that ripple far beyond the one helped.  And when one person’s life is materially altered this alteration spreads out and touches others in unexpected and unpredictable ways.

This interconnectedness is accentuated and accelerated by the internet, but man – as a social creature – has always been and will always be interconnected with his fellow man.

And that is cool.