“This course would be a lot more fun if it didn’t have beverage carts,” said no golfer ever. Club managers are another story.

After sinking an eagle or nailing a drive off the tee, the exultant golfer lifts his head, and looks about him for the awed respect of his fellows, for the suddenly glorious beams of the sun, and above all for the beverage cart coming around the corner with the promise of an ice cold liquid celebration. After a botched hole on a rough morning, maybe he’s just looking for a consolation Bloody Mary and a friendly smile. In any case, the beverage cart has become an essential part of the experience of golf for many players.

But operating carts profitably poses a challenge to the country club itself. Far from the fixed POS, the cart attendant has to track sales manually and handle a lot of hard cash. Later, all of those sales have to be entered into the system, one by one. If drinks are sold on account, the wrong member can easily end up getting charged. In short, It’s a highly inefficient and error-prone process, with a serious operational bottleneck at the POS.

What if the beverage cart never left the POS behind? What if the attendant could accept credit cards and positively ID a member with a swipe or scan? What if all the sales on the course instantly hit the back office system, updating the inventory and the books?

All of this can be accomplished with the Iconic Mobile Retail System. Stop losing money on your beverage carts today by implementing our powerful mobile POS. You can get started right here.

To illustrate this another way, consider the following formula: