xTupleCon ImageThe first annual xTupleCon was held in Norfolk, VA October 10-12.  Hosted by xTuple – the institution under-girding support for tens of thousands of PostBooks users world-wide, the conference brought xTuple/PostBooks users and xTuple partners together for a congenial blend of technical- and business-oriented talks.  And fun, of course!

And Iconic was there.

So … why should you care? Because, dear readers, Iconic Mobile Retail is powered by PostBooks.  The obvious question then is, what is PostBooks?  At the heart of the world’s most popular commercial/open-source ERP solution – xTuple – is a powerful open-source business management solution – PostBooks.

Honeywell Captuvo SL22PostBooks provides all of the basic business management software needed to run a successful, profitable business:  Accounting (including complete multi-currency support), CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Product definition, even light Manufacturing, all in a completely cross-platform (PC, OS X, Linux, mobile) user experience.

The only thing PostBooks lacked was a Retail module.  Combining the extensibility of PostBooks with the mobile technology of the Infinite Peripherals Linea-Pro or Honeywell Captuvo barcode scanner/card swipe reader, the Iconic Mobile Retail developers crafted a retail system that is second to none.

If I do say so myself.