It should be pretty obvious that forcing members to wait is a serious problem at a country club. But, as with the other muda, not all cases of waiting are equally obvious. The mere fact that something is happening does not mean that an operation is moving forward. Anything that a member experiences or has to do that is not a part of the integrated experience of your club is actually a case of waiting, because it is a stage the member has to pass through in order to get to his reason for being at your club. For instance, inefficiencies in your POS, including cash payments at the beverage cart, can extend the customer’s waiting inadvertently. Even if they don’t generate overwhelming queues, they can still arrest the paying member at a point of the process that does not add value to the club experience.


On the other hand, not every benefit you can offer your members is necessarily a contribution to the experience. Some services are really superfluous, or worse, obsequious fussing. You have to know your members to find out whether they care about each service you provide.

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