Our team is dedicated to customizing a cutting-edge, fully-integrated mobile solution that will harmonize all aspects of your business, whether you own a country club, a restaurant, or a retail store — or any combination of the three.

Our Iconic Mobile Retail System evolves your enterprise, boosting profitability and simplifying business management, leaving you free to give the ultimate in personalized service to your customers.

Iconic increases sales:

  • Accepts payment as soon as you close the sale
  • Allows you to provide customers with personalized, one-on-one attention
  • Sells your goods wherever you have an internet connection, any time of day or night
  • Provides historical data across the enterprise
  • Reduces or eliminates data entry errors

Iconic simplifies your business:

  • Keeps your accounting up to date with your business in real time
  • Puts sales, accounting, purchasing, inventory, and more into one package running in the cloud
  • Runs the back office on your existing Mac or Windows hardware
  • Integrates with the Linea Pro bar code scanner and card reader for convenient item identification and payment processing
  • Supports multi-store operations in one database

Iconic improves your image:

  • Cutting-edge, integrated mobile sales technology
  • Streamlined checkout experience enhances satisfaction
  • One-on-one interaction with the customer creates loyalty

Iconic serves your customers:

  • Allows highly personalized service
  • Streamlines the checkout process
  • Accepts split payments
  • Accepts credit cards, store-branded gift cards, in-store credits, cash, and checks at the mobile device
  • Allows customers to pay with membership accounts (with the Membership Billing Module)
  • Looks up product information and availability, saving time and avoiding frustration

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