Give your customers the ultimate in convenience, personalized service, and responsiveness. Revolutionize your business with the fully-integrated Iconic Mobile Retail System™.

With the Iconic Mobile Retail System™, your sales team can bring your business to your customers, whether in your store or across the state. And unlike other mobile POS systems, Iconic harmonizes all aspects of your business in one fully-integrated solution, providing accounting, inventory, CRM, purchasing, and even light manufacturing in a single package.

Iconic: Retail Everywhere.
Transactions made in Iconic are immediately reflected in sales, inventory, and accounting. Customer information stays synchronized across your entire retail enterprise from desktop to laptop to smart phone.

Iconic is ready to do business whenever and wherever you have an Internet connection. Iconic: retail everywhere.

Your path to an iconic sales presentation begins here.
Combine your Apple iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or iPod Touch® with the Iconic Mobile Retail System™ and let your business evolve beyond the checkout line. Our lightweight POS system is intuitive, efficient, powerful, and cost-effective, giving you everything you need to create the ultimate retail experience for your customers.

Iconic gives your sales team the ability to swipe credit cards, scan bar codes, capture signatures, and email receipts all from your iPad, iPod or iPhone over WIFI or a 3G connection. Iconic also works with AirPrint printers, so you can bring your business to your customers.

The Back Office Solution is a complete business management system and includes the following:

  • Accounting (general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, financial reporting)
  • Sales (quotes, order entry, returns, sales reporting, shipping)
  • Retail management (open and close tills and terminals, print and reprint sale and return receipts, process returns, and more)
  • CRM (universal address book, incident management, opportunity management, to-do lists, project management)
  • Purchasing (purchase orders, receiving, vendor reporting)
  • Product Definition (items, products, SKUs, infinite-level bills of material)
  • Inventory and Distribution (receiving, shipping, multiple locations, other advanced warehouse features)
  • Light Manufacturing (work order management, strong support for make-to-order)
  • Bar code and label printing
  • Reporting
  • Robust set of user privileges and roles

With additional modules, you can add membership (club) billing, food and beverage support, and much more …

Iconic runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and is fully internationalized (multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by our global community).

It’s time to take your sales image to the next level.
Unleash your potential with an Iconic Mobile Retail System™.

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